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NoteAbilityPro is a music notation software editor developed by Hamel. This software was among the first ones to address the issue of easing the integration between a musical score and a computational music framework [Hammel, 2006]. NoteabilityPro started as a flexible music notation editor and later the Integrated Interactive Music Performance Environment module (IIMPE) was added to support interactivity with Max/Msp (PureData).
NoteAbiltyPro communicates with Max/Msp(PureData) by sending messages, so these messages are added by the user to the score in the NotabilityPro environment as text messages and specifies the measure and beat location with text-numbers. Figure 5, shows one sample score of the NoteAbilityPro screen with some
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2.2.2 Antescofo

Antescofo is a score-following system that enables to code interactions between the instrumental parts and the computer-generated parts by providing a proprietary programming language [Giavitto, Cont and Echeveste, 2015]. Antescofo stands for anticipatory synchronization and control of interactive parameters in computer music, and its core is a score-following system based on Hidden Markov Models (HMM) with some variants to be able to model time changes which are one of the major drawbacks of the HMM algorithm.
The Antescofo score-following core performs tracking of audio events and triggers some customized actions written in a text-based programming descriptor. In Antescofo, the text based representation of computer generated events follows a Score Language design pattern, which has a long tradition in computer music since the debut of Mathews’ MUSIC-N languages in the late 60’s [ Mathews, Miller, Moore, Pierce, and Risset, 1969 ], but Antescofo extends the concept to a reactive language, meaning that customized actions responds to events. The current Antescofo public version runs as a patch extension of Max/Msp (or PureData).
Antescofo is an event based customizable score-following, accordingly its most important programming entities in Antescofo language are events and actions [Giavitto, Cont and Echeveste, 2015]. Figure 6 shows a sample code in Antescofo language with events and actions. Events represents symbolic elements in the

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