Notes On Nursing Environmental Cleanliness. One Of The

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Notes On Nursing Environmental Cleanliness One of the many qualities a nurse develops over time is ensuring the environment is a safe place for the patient. The environment is a vital role to the well-being of a patient and the recuperation process. The environment consists of the surroundings the patient interacts with; in a hospital, for example, the patient’s bed, nightstand, call-bell, bathroom, and any object that interferes with an open system (Black, 2014). As a cautious nurse, the environment is a flashing warning light during the plan of care to a patient at any age. Nursing consists of a broad range of characteristics defining the job and one of them are caring for the patient. One of the carative factors of Jean Watson’s…show more content…
For most people, health is associated with the cleanliness of the environment because a fresh well-organized room is a lot more comfortable and sanitary than a room full of dust, insects, unpleasant odors, and hazardous wall and floor conditions. Environmental cleanliness is not just cleaning a room, but rather it is part of a nurse’s job to ensure that either internally (in the hospital) or externally (outside the hospital) the patient is residing in a well-suited atmosphere to help in the recuperation process. Environmental cleanliness is not just self-centered on the patient, but rather widely universal to promoting good health. For example, tobacco smoking has a huge effect on air pollution, which affects everyone that breaths the same air as the tobacco smoker. Not only is the smoker putting his or her health at risk, but the people inhaling all the toxic smoke are prone to second-hand smoking health risks. Tobacco is a worldwide problem affecting a large number of the world’s pollution, which has had a huge impact on television ads to bring awareness of this hazardous weapon threatening everyone’s life. Environmental cleanliness is not just part of a hospital’s responsibility, but any health facility, government agency, school districts, universities, recreational sporting arenas, private business, public business, and many other facilities where people interact with on a regular basis have to comply with
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