Notes On Organizational Citizenship Behavior

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In reference to Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) – the individual behavior which is elective, and is not directly or explicitly recognized by a formal reward system, and that promotes the effective functioning of the organization, and has been studied beginning in the 1970s, this article covers the study of numerous predictors of OCB in the Gulf of Saudi Arabia which consisted of surveying close to 300 private and public employees. The types of predictors which were studied include, job satisfaction – when one has a positive feeling about their job after looking at the job characteristics, organizational commitment- where an employee relates to their organization’s desires and goals and longs to remain a part of that organization, role perceptions – one’s view of how they’re supposed to act in a specific situation, fairness perceptions – equity of process and treatment, leadership behavior – the methods leaders use to perform their jobs; behaviors that differentiate leaders from nonleaders, individual dispositions – one’s personality, motivation – processes which are responsible for one’s intensity, direction, and persistence towards reaching a goal, and feedback – where one is given direct and clear information concerning the effectiveness of their performance in relation to performing required job activities. The results of these numerous studies were found to justify and support the hypothesis which says that the positive relationship between the
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