Increasing Citizenship Behavior in the Organization

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Increasing Citizenship Behavior in the Organization The rapid growth in globalization and technology results in employees having to adapt at an ever-increasing rate to the dynamics of the organization. Likewise, leadership must be able to handle the increased speed in dealing with employees and what Neubert, Wu, and Roberts (2013) explained as the increased complexities and dynamics that effects leader’s ability to identify and fix problems by themselves. Discretionary behavior outside of the formal job requirements that influences the psychological and social environment is what Robbins and Judge (2013) referred to as “Citizenship Behavior” (p. 27). Instilling a strong sense of citizenship behavior within the organization may assist leadership in addressing potential problems. The focus of this paper is to discuss the role of leadership, benefits, and impacts on organizational effectiveness by modifying the citizenship behavior in the workplace. To implement a positive citizenship behavior model, leadership must fully understand what themselves and the employees expect and need.
Citizenship Behavior Leadership is a critical element in setting the tone of citizenship behavior. Ethical leadership enhances credibility and trust from employees and creates what Neubert, Wu, and Roberts (2013) referred to as an atmosphere that promotes ethical conduct of followers through communication, reinforcement, and decision making. This climate works through the expectancy

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