Notes On Social Pressure And Cognition

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Maya Irvin-Vitela
Professor Martinez
31 January 2017
Activity 1: Social Pressure and Cognition One of the paramount issues that have been discussed in class is the capacity for individual differences in regards to how people process information and generalize that information to make decisions. However, there are also some commonalities among people, although those commonalities may exist in varying degrees of acuity. While I know that everyone is susceptible to social pressures, I also find that I am less susceptible to them than some of my peers. When I was growing up, my parents never solved problems for me; rather, they gave me the tools necessary to solve problems by myself and make good decisions whether or not they are …show more content…

When I was twelve, I donned my Obama gear and canvassed with my parents, going door-to-door discussing policy with voters as my parents watched from the sidewalk. When I was older, I protested at the state capital to impeach Scott Walker, even leading the chants with my younger brother. In school, I founded and ran a bi-partisan political discussion forum. In my small agricultural town, I was the epitome of politically active, and I really did think I was politically informed. However, once I got to college, I realized that that was not necessarily the case. Suddenly I was surrounded by people who had dedicated their lives to thinking deep thoughts about politics. Fairly quickly, my political ideologies changed, moving further left. While I had always been far left of center, before college I did not understand the intricacies that have since shaped my political views.
I remember the specific quarter when I started to really understand the implications of capitalism and neoliberalism and how they have systematically oppressed so many people. I called my mom sobbing; I could not understand how people could do such terrible things in the name of democracy, how a president I had tirelessly campaigned for had deported more people than any other president in American history. I was distraught over the way that so many people, people who I respected greatly, could so easily call themselves progressive while simultaneously supporting institutions whose main goals

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