Notes On Web Usage Mining

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Data mining techniques can be mainly divided into three categories: Web structural mining, Web Content mining and web usage mining. Web structural mining is used to discover structure from data available on web like hyperlinks and documents. It can be helpful to the user for navigating within documents as mining can be done to retrieve intra and inter hyperlinks and DOM structure out of documents. Web Content mining can be used to extract information from the data available on web like texts, videos, images, audio files etc. Web usage mining is the application of data mining techniques to discover interesting usage patterns from web usage data, in order to understand and better serve the needs of web-based applications (Srivastava, Cooley, Deshpande, and Tan 2000). Websites or usage data takes user’s available information and browsing history, location of user etc. as input for mining information. Web usage mining can be further divided into three categories depending upon the type of data used for mining: web server logs, application server, application level logs. Web usage mining can be highly helpful in mining the data for web applications and thus helping development in fields like E-Commerce. It can be helpful to discover usage patterns from Web data, thus helping serve better the needs of Web-based applications. Web usage mining can be categorized into three different phases: Preprocessing, Pattern Discovery and Pattern Analysis. I believe, this…

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