Noughts and Crosses Analysis Essay

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Noughts and Crosses Analysis Novels help authors to explore a range of important issues in society, which Malorie Blackman clearly portrays through Noughts and Crosses. This novel follows the lives and experiences of two characters, Callum and Sephy. Throughout the book Blackman deals with a number of key issues including racism and prejudice, love and friendship and lastly, violent and peaceful protest. These themes are identified through different layers of meaning of her writing using textual evidence. This is conveyed through the narrative techniques of characterisation, structure and language in order to communicate the important messages to the readers. Blackman has created a world of her own to contrast the society we live in,…show more content…
Callum and Sephy represent an ideal relationship in a world full of human variety that’s very far from ideal. We can not be the same in regard to colour of our skin but can tolerate and respect each other. Blackman gives both Callum and Sephy different voices, which develop throughout the novel. Sephy sounds quite young at the beginning of the book. She uses a lot of exclamation marks and she dwells upon the way events make her feel. While Callum comes across as older and more experienced from the beginning, he shows more awareness of other people’s feelings and he tends to react to problems with bitter humour. Although his voice does matter as the story progresses, it doesn’t change as much as Sephy’s. Both Sephy and Callum have a lot in common. They’re bright, confident and strong-willed with strong feelings towards fairness and equality in in that light towards each other. But they can not deny their different background and upbringing. Sephy grew up in a privileged and sheltered home and because of this she is naïve to real life troubles, optimistic and expects life will work out well. Callum has grown up seeing his parents, brother and sister facing all sorts of problems and life hardship. His experience has taught him that however hard he tries in life, it will be difficult for him to succeed therefore he’s more cautious and pessimistic than Sephy. The author uses language as a tool to show the
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