Nuclear Energy As Alternative Energy

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Nuclear Energy as Alternative Energy
As humans continue to generate more carbon emissions and other harmful gases to the atmosphere, climate change and global warming slowly happens. People have sought ways to reduce carbon emissions by switching to other sources that are both renewable and clean. Over the centuries, people were able to harness energy from other resources besides coal and petroleum. Alternative energy resources produce little to no carbon at all thus, reducing carbon emissions. Alternative energy sources include wind energy, solar energy, hydroelectric energy, biomass energy, and nuclear energy. Only twenty-two percent of the world’s electricity is from renewable energy leaving seventy-eight percent to fossil fuels. Although all alternative resources reduce carbon emissions, most of these energies are not affordable, efficient, or portable, making alternative resources not able to fully eliminate all fossil fuel usage. Out of all the renewable resources, it seems nuclear energy rises to the top with the lowest land and location usage,and highest availability and efficiency.compared to other alternative energy sources. Nuclear energy is the best. (Toshi) Among all alternative energy sources, nuclear energy uses the least amount of land to create electricity. According to a land survey established by Massachutes Institute of Technology on energy resource land usage, nuclear energy uses only 1,200 square meters of land inlcuding a small stream of water.

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