Nuclear Report Project Essay

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Nuclear Report Project Goal: Your task is to take on the role of an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspector, investigate the evidence of nuclear activities at a specific site in Iran, and write an informative report following the guideline that states your conclusion about whether Iran is in violation of the newly signed Nuclear Agreement. Situation: One of the fastest growing fields of science application is in nuclear technology. This field has produced advances in medicines, imaging, electricity generation, as well as the development of new generations of deadly weapons. Unfortunately, the technology to create the beneficial uses is the same that would be required to create weapons of mass destruction. After initially …show more content…

Once you have this information, you will need to write your report using the guideline on the back of this page. Project checklist:  Write out the decay series for each allowed radioisotope on your technical sheet  Write out the decay series for each prohibited radioisotope on your technical sheet  Compare the final daughter products from the various series to the radioisotopes found at the site  Decide if Iran was using prohibited radioisotopes at your site  Research your site and your radioisotopes to write your Background section  Make a Works Cited list using for the sources used in your Background  Write the Background  Include MLA format parenthetical notation in the Background when using sources  Write the Findings  Write the Conclusion  Write the Summary  Neatly create your Appendix showing your decay series (the 1st three checklist items)  Type everything (Word, Google Docs, etc)  Double check your spelling and grammar at a website like  Turn in work via EnGrade, or share in Google Drive  Turn in your Appendix pages separately (if hand-written) IAEA Report Guidelines Template Summary This is the LAST thing you write, but it goes FIRST in the report. Sometimes this section is called an “Abstract”. This section simply summarizes the next 3 sections in a plain, matter of fact manner. There should be no surprises, as the reader should know exactly what follows after reading this. Background This section should discuss

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