Nuclear Weapons Be Abolished

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Should nuclear weapons be abolished? How would removing and prohibiting nuclear weapons change the world? Well, When it comes to abolishing or “getting rid of” nuclear weapons; particularly, nuclear bombs or warheads mounted on a long range ballistic missile; There is plenty of controversy and argument over this topic. The world has had plenty of instances where if nuclear bombs were not in play, The situation would have been a more peaceful experience. But speaking in long term effects, How would not having and nukes around truly change the world? And how would it effect the history of mankind? When it comes to the pros with ridding the earth of powerful nuclear weaponry, people who prefer them gone believe this would influence a more peaceful future for humanity, And create a safer world for the generations to come. This would take years to accomplish and plenty of negotiations with other nations, But the end result would be a huge step towards world peace. The smaller weaker and poorer nations around the world would feel less worried about getting picked on by richer and larger countries. People who believe the banning of nukes would greatly reduce and chances of an all out nuclear war ravishing the earth with radiation, And ending the lives of millions if not billions of men, women, and children. A nuclear war could have the potential of creating a apocalyptic world devastating all nations who live on it to nothing but ashes, and leaving only pieces of what used to

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