Number Fifteen: The Flamingo Was Named After His Owner's Girlfriend

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Las Vegas is, without a doubt, one of the most fun, most vibrant spots on Earth, which makes it difficult for us to choose just 15 fun facts about the city. We hope you enjoy learning a little more about Las Vegas, and stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

Number Fifteen: The Flamingo Was Named After His Owner’s Girlfriend

Las Vegas’ iconic Flamingo hotel and casino was co-founded by businessman-turned-gangster Bugsy Siegel, 69 years ago. Following the purchase of a two-third stake in the project, he decided to name the resort “Flamingo” after his long-legged showgirl girlfriend.

Number Fourteen: Over 1,000 People Live Under the City

There’s a vast labyrinth of tunnels beneath the blinding lights of Las Vegas, originally built to prevent
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On 1966, he rented the top two floors of the famous Desert Inn, only to be kindly asked to leave 10 days later. Instead of moving out, Hughes purchased the hotel for $13.2 million, half of which he paid in cash!

Number Ten: Its Biggest Jackpot Was Worth $39 million

A lucky 25 -year-old software engineer from California won that improbable amount of money after putting in $100 in a slot machine at the Excalibur, in 2003. He still holds the record for the highest-paying Vegas win in recorded history.

Number Nine: You Can Pay to Drive Bulldozers

There’s a sort of extreme sandbox in the area where visitors can drive bulldozers and excavators for fun. All equipment is air conditioned and proper safety procedures are taught before each session begins.

Number Eight: You Can Stay in a Room With a Bowling Suite Inside

If you stay at the Palms Casino Resort, consider booking a Kingpin Suite—apart from all the amenities a regular suite has to offer, it includes two bowling lanes with automatic scoring system. It can’t get any more fun and excessive. Stay tuned for part two, coming
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