Numerical Modeling And Tropical Meteorology

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My general areas of interest are numerical modeling and tropical meteorology. For example, numerical simulation models of tropical cyclones is the problem that interest me most in atmospheric science. Based on one or two problems in tropical meteorology or related fields, I hope to work based on the existing models, and make unique contributions. My ultimate goal is to develop skills to become a sophisticated researcher and teacher in the field, while pursuing a doctorate degree in atmospheric sciences.

My interest on PDEs dates back to high school. Since typhoons frequently struck my hometown, I developed interest in the forecast of tropical cyclones. Guided by a net-pal with a master’s degree in meteorology, I started to systematically study the basics of weather prediction. However, when reading Principles of Meteorological Analysis, I encountered PDEs describing dynamics of atmosphere, which was incomprehensible for me then. Realizing that a solid math foundation would be critical to further study in meteorology, I chose to study mathematics in University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

After finishing basic math courses, I challenged myself with a year-long series of honors algebra course, in which group theory, ring theory and Galois theory were covered. The homework sets and take-home exams in this course horned my skills of solving hard math problems. With limited clues for each problem, I had to review related definitions and theorems carefully, and
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