Nurse 's Role As A Primary Member Of The Patient

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The PICOT statement: (Population) In critical care patients in acute care units. (Intervention) The nurse’s role as a primary member of the patient-centered care is to include spirituality into the care of the patient and exploring the patient’s spirituality. (Comparison) The nurse’s role to just give the patient standard care without including any type of spirituality within their treatment plan. (Outcome) When the nurse includes spirituality within their patient’s treatment it can improve the patient’s outlook on their care and their choice of their treatment. This statement is very important to the nursing profession because including spirituality within the care of the patient is something that is avoided because many people do not understand spirituality or know the thin line that comes with it. It is important to include spirituality because of the impact it is has the patient’s outlook of their treatment, how they look at their self, and how they handle their care all together. Spirituality is something that is vital to the patient because the patient needs to have a positive outlook when everything does not seem positive. Article One Support for the PICOT: Reading, Nursing the spirit; the Framework of Systemic Organization written by Friedemann, Mouch, and Racey they use qualitative research to show that spirituality plays a huge role in patient care due to the fact that it changes the patient outlook on their treatment as well as their diagnosis. Based on the

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