Nursing Home : A Community Service Club

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Nursing Homes During my sophomore year of high school, I joined a community service club. One of the main activities that the club participated in was weekly visits to the local nursing home; the club usually went on visits two times every week. At first, I was a little apprehensive to join in on the weekly visits, as I had gone on a few nursing home visits before through various church activities and always felt a little uncomfortable. I had always deemed nursing homes as being a place for elderly people while they were waiting to die. However, after going on several nursing home visits with my community service club, I started to feel more comfortable and really got to know the residents. As I came to know each resident, I realized that while they did not all exactly wish to be in nursing home facility, most still felt like they had some living left to do. Contrary to my original perception, they were not just laying around and waiting to die. Most of them had become friends with the other residents and staff and loved the people in their little community. Various conditions can cause an individual, usually an elderly person, to have to take up residency in a nursing home. One of the most significant contributing factors is physical limitations. As we have learned in previous biology and exercise science classes, as an individual ages, his or her physical condition declines. Some individuals see a rate of decline faster than that of other people in his or her same age…
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