Nursing Identity In Nursing

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Nursing Identity: Nursing knowledge gathering process is moving along the changing society. Initially, Nursings’ Knowledge were derived from other disciplines, followed by a self-generation phase, realizing that the legitimacy of any profession is built on its ability to generate and apply theory. And, finally into a transformation phase, in which nursing knowledge significantly influences its own practice as well as that of other disciplines (N). These challenges in nursing knowledge development has helped to learn how to consider nursing phenomena through many lenses and has enhanced to improve the nursing of people. Although, Nursing has struggled to assert itself as a profession, while enjoying a cherished status in society, failure to…show more content…
In order to improve practice, nurses need to search the literature continually and critically. Nurses should impart research finding, synthesis relevant theoretical information that can be applied into practice. Theory based nursing is the use of various models, theories, and principles not only from the nursing science, but also from the behavioural, medical and socio-cultural disciplines to clinical nursing practice. Beginning from the basic nursing education programme, all nurse should be encouraged to use the theoretical basis for practice and seek ways to enhance the knowledge base that support practice. And increase the reciprocal intervention among theory, research and practice with great effort to bridge the theory practice gap. Furthermore, nursing care when based on nursing values and knowledge are that is central to the concept of health, example: caring, consciousness mutual process, patterning, presence and meaning, enables to express the depth of the nursing mission. If nursing is practices from these nursing perspective it will continue to its esoteric expertise service to the society ( Willes,
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