Nursing Informatics Now and in the Future

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Running head: NURSING INFORMATICS Nursing Informatics Now and In the Future Becky Last, RN Herzing University June 16, 2013 INTRODUCTION: In this day and age nurses not only have to use the scientific knowledge they have obtained in school but they must be ready to embrace and learn computer knowledge as well. Nursing informatics (NI), a product of the scientific synthesis of information in nursing, uses concepts from computer science, cognitive science, information science, and nursing science and we as nurses must be ready to embrace NI in order to keep up with the ever changing health care world, (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2011). As nurse’s we depend on the knowledge we have obtained through our schooling and…show more content…
They are based here in Madison Wisconsin and were founded by Judy Faulkner in 1979. Epic is one of Wisconsin’s fastest growing companies. All three hospitals that are located in Madison, WI were converted to Epic’s electronic medical record system. With all three major hospitals using the Epic Electronic Medical Record System; it is making it easier to give patients the best care they can possibly receive. We as health care providers are able to see what other types of services, such as lab tests, prescriptions and appointments they have. There are some downfalls to the electronic medical record which are causing some resistance to the change. Some people are concerned that their records may be easier to access on a computer and stolen by unauthorized people. However, due to large scale breaches happening as did at the Hartford Hospital, (Healthcare Informatics 2012), there are now increased security requirements for electronic medical records that are included in the Health Information and Accessibility Act (HIPAA),. The entire patient’s information which is referred to as patient health information or (PHI) is protected under this act. Everything that a nurse or doctor puts into the patient’s record or the discussions they have are protected under this act. ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGIES: The electronic medical record has changed things immensely in the health care world but there are so many other
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