Nursing Life In Nursing

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Watching someone die is a situation I will never get used to. I know it is part of life and part of nursing as well. I feel nurses help guide their patient’s in healing and even the end of life stages. Nurses are advocates the patients and offer a hand to help in comforting. Death can be uplifting knowing the patient is able to let go and they are no longer in pain. As someone passes, they look peaceful, relieved and happy which is a beautiful and heartbreaking all at the same time.
According to our class’s textbook, ‘Called to Care: A Christian Worldview for Nursing’, “Death is universal, it is often called the, great equalizer.” Many times, nurses feel guilty because they think they should have done more for the patient. (Shelly, 2006). I know I have been there myself. My goal is to help in curing the patient or getting them better than before they were admitted. Also, to help them recover from the surgery. When I first started nursing as a floor nurse, my intenetions were to help patients get better, well I did not expect some to die from complications or just from end stages of like such as Hospice. “Like other people, the suffer from agony of death because life has meaning, relationships have depth and importance, and we are strongly aware of all unfinished business in this life.” (Shelly, 2006)

I witnessed my first code which was one of my patients. I was an LPN at the time and my first week after orientation. The patient requested to be on the unit I work

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