Nursing Philosophy.Philosophy Is Something That Can Be

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Nursing Philosophy Philosophy is something that can be personal for a nurse, focusing on a value and beliefs from their daily practice or be the groundwork for an organization and the standards of care they wish to maintain. Philosophy also focuses on the continued development and knowledge of nurses as well as organizations, to keep up with the ever-changing medical field. Lahey Hospital & Medical Center & Medical City Dallas Hospital, each have their own nursing philosophy, to which they hold nurses to the upmost standards of care.
Lahey Hospital & Medical Center
Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, a physician-led nonprofit practice, has quit a history regarding growth and development in the corporation (Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, …show more content…

Serving as the groundwork for the Professional Practice Model, Swanson’s Middle Range Theory of Caring, a five-caring process includes, knowing, being with, doing for, enabling, and maintaining belief, all which nurses do in their daily practice (Andershed & Olsson, 2009, p.598). The Professional Practice Model stands by the promise of providing superior care to patients and family through a caring, healing, and protective environment (LMHC, 2017). The nurses at Lehay Medical Center ensure that each patient receives the most professional and innovative care, through continuing education and nursing practice.
Medical City Dallas Hospital
Medical City Dallas Hospital, offers exemplary care to patients all over the world, as well as patients within the community. Home to more than 1,200 physicians & employees, the 796-bed tertiary care center has received many awards for their excellence in patient satisfaction, as well as specialty surgical procedures (Medical City Dallas Hospital, 2017). Medical City has become a place of healing, compassion, humanity and kindness, which shows daily in their nursing care (MCDH, 2017).
Medical City Dallas Hospital has a unique nursing philosophy with the focus being patient specific care. The philosophy recognizes each patient as an individual and their care plan is structured to achieve the best patient outcome (MCDH, 2017). The

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