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Nursing Process Paper SW is a 65 year old white female who is 5’8” tall and who weighs 155 lbs. Her IBW is 140 lbs. and she has an IBW % of 110.71. She went to emergency department on February 1, 2015 complaining of shortness of breath and coughing since November, 2014. Her medical diagnosis includes multi-drug resistant organism, diabetes, COPD, and lung cancer. Her laboratory result shows that she has an elevated WBC of 17.4 on February 2nd and it increased to a critical level of 32.2 the next day. An elevated WBC usually means an infection is happening in the body. Her RBC is elevated at 6.19 which could mean hemoconcentration or it could be due to her COPD. Her decreased MCH of 25.0 & 24.8, her Neutrophils of 13.8 and her elevated RDW of 18.2 & 18.4 could mean that she’s having some iron deficiency anemia. Her laboratory also shows that her albumin is low which can be from prolonged immobilization, decreased nutritional status or worse it could be due to her lung cancer. Her low Sodium of 132 and Chloride at 93 may be due to her diet or medication side effects. Her serum glucose at 118 is elevated which can be from her diabetes or from stress of being in the hospital. Her Platelet count of 405 is normal and her BUN of 5 is also within range. Her arterial blood gas is showing compensated imbalances. Her pH is 7.35 which is normal on the low side. Her PaCo2 is 65.2 which is very elevated, her PaO2 is 66.4 which is very low, her HCO3 is also very elevated at 35.3.

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