Nursing Profession And The Quality Of Care

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Throughout the history of nursing, many theorists have provided their ideas in an attempt to improve the nursing profession and the quality of care provided to patients. Chitty & Black (2007) states that nursing as a profession is strengthen when nursing knowledge is built on sound theory. Through evidence-based practice, these theories have developed a foundation of the nursing profession. Theorists focus on different approaches to support their beliefs in improving the nursing profession. In order for nurses to become better healthcare professionals, they must establish their own personal philosophy of nursing and apply their beliefs in their practice. Upon developing their own professional philosophy of nursing, a nurse will understand what the needs of the patient are and will provide the best care possible.
Choice of Nursing Growing up in an environment where resources were limited, healthcare was always an issue due to the lack of medical insurance. I remember my parents would take extra precautions to prevent illnesses by providing home remedies. I always knew I wanted to help people who were in need. By seeing the strain an illness can put on a person, I decided to pursue a career in nursing. Moreover, I was motivated by a nurse that worked at my pediatrician’s office. She was the only nurse in his office caring for patients coming in to see the doctor. Despite her long hours of work, she would always show compassion for her patients. Her dedication

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