Nursing: Reflective, Critical, And Improvement In Nursing

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In nursing reflection is a crucial characteristic for the development of autonomous, critical and advancement for nurses. According to Chong (2009), reflective cycle is a continue cycle where experiences and reflection on the experiences are inter related. Studies had proven that nurses who reflect on their daily experiences provides better care and understand their actions as well as enhanced their clinical knowledge and skills (Hansebo & Kilhlgren, 2001). Reflective practice allows the nurses to examine their actions and experiences which assist them to develop their practices. Reflection has an effect on level of nursing profession starting from the nursing student up to practicing nurses. Researcher had argued that in order to be able to…show more content…
Thus due to this complexity and high demands, nurses would benefit from reflective practice. Integrating reflective practice in to nursing would allow nurses to plan their actions and monitor it continuously to ensure it is beneficial to each individual patient’s (Rolfe & Gardner, 2006). Nurses that practice reflective do develop autonomy and becomes self directed professionals. I strongly believe that by engaging in reflective practice nurses can improve their care and enhance their personal and professional development and at the same time it allows nurses to close the gap between theory and…show more content…
This would allow to generate a positive learning cultural and environment in which ‘theory inform practice’ (Van Manen, 1977). According to Boud & Walker 91998), application of reflective model is essential for reflective practice and nurses need to actively draw back to their past experience, describe and walk through the experience, reflecting back the emotion and attitude that the nurse had experienced. Finally I believe that reflective is capturing the activity by experiencing an event or situation and it is thought about and being evaluated. Reflection allows the nurses to think about what they had done and how they will manage the previous experience to a new situation and it is vital for nurses to engage in reflective
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