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How can you tell if a journal article is a research report? According to Political and Beck (2014), “In journals that specialize in research (e.g., the journal Nursing Research), most articles are original research reports, but in specialty journals there is usually a mix of research and nonresearch articles. Sometimes you can tell by the title, but sometimes you cannot. You can tell, however, by looking at the major headings of an article. If there is no heading called “Method” or “Research Design” (the section that describes what a researcher did) and no heading called “Findings” or “Results” (the section that describes what a researcher learned), then it is probably not a study” (p. 41). Describe one nursing research finding you have used in your clinical practice. The facility in which I work, is very strict about using the Braden Scale when we assess our patients. Its’ use is very important in the prevention of pressure sores. I will discuss how research led to the world wide use of the Braden scale.…show more content…
Nancy Berg Strom collaborated with Dr. Barbara Braden to develop and test the Braden Scale for Predicting Pressure Sore Risk. Dr. Bergstrom used tertiary care hospitals, Veterans Administration (VA) medical centers and skilled nursing facilities in order to test the Braden Scale. At the onset of the study none of the test subjects had pressure sores. Nurses assessed the participants using the Braden scale every two to three days over one- to four-week periods. During the study, roughly 10% of the hospital or VA patients, and almost one-quarter of nursing home residents, developed a pressure sore. It was discovered that patients with pressure sores were more likely to be older, white, and female. Findings supported the predictive value of the Braden Scale to identify those patients at high risk for pressure sores (“Summary of Research,” n.d., p.
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