Nurture The Reason It Has The Most Influence On Humans

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Nurture the reason it has the most influence on a humans up bringing Humans are programmed to carry out physical,mental and emotional developments, but what has the most influence on a human upbringing and what shapes humans behaviour? Is is nurture which is the environment that we are raised/socialization and our culture. Nurture the positive encouragement, from a parent or caregiver towards the physical, mental and behavioural development of a individual. Or is nature your biological factor/genes that a human obtain from their mother and father. As we go through life we go through different developmental stages from infancy, adolescence/teenager through to adulthood. Humans depend on the nurturing from our caregivers, and social groups to help us achieve our developmental stages successfully, and contributes to a human behaviour. This why i feel that nurturing has the most influence on a humans upbringing. Humans depend on the nurturing from parents/caregivers to teach them independence, confidence, to have good self-esteem and positive behaviour. Humans learn through experience by what we see, hear and are taught though our culture and our environment. Not every human in the world are raised the same, this makes everyone develop and behave in different ways.. Not one human is the same. Nurturing help influence humans and the way they behave and act towards other. This contributes to how human behaviour is shaped. “Erik Erikson (1902-1994) believes that

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