Nutrition And Nutrition Essay

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Nutrition is the science that investigates the relationship between physiological function and the essential elements of the foods we eat. According to Rebecca J. Donatelle, in her book, “My Health,” food provides “the chemicals we need for activity and body maintenance. Our bodies cannot synthesize certain essential nutrients, we must obtain them from the foods we eat.” What we eat becomes our diet, and our diet is crucial to how healthy, we are and how well our body functions; therefore, it is very important to adopt healthy eating habits. Healthy eating habits are essential to create a solid foundation for excellent health. This can be achieved by avoiding and cutting back the excess sugar and processed foods that we eat. All these …show more content…

For instance, carbohydrates supply the body with energy needed to sustain daily activity. Protein helps transport iron, oxygen, and nutrients, helps muscles to recover stronger than before as well as help the skin and hair cell to develop. Fiber, helps move foods through the digestive system, delays absorption of cholesterol and other nutrients and softens stools by absorption of water. Some substances such as fats and sugar can be misinterpreted as being harmful to the body. Nonetheless, fats and sugars are vital to the human body and without them, certain function in out body could not take place.
What individual should emphasize on is to ensure a balance and adequate nutritional intake. It is crucial to do our best at getting the right quantities of all essential nutrients and minimize the risks of getting too much or too little of anything we eat. Nutritious foods help strengthen neurotransmitters that signal our brain the feeling of contentment. Not only will eating clean will leave us feeling content, healthy foods will also boost our energy whereas foods like sugar and refined grains will drain us. Eating well will not only benefit our overall health, but it will most definitely alter our physical appearance in a good way. Combined with exercise, a healthy diet is full of fruits, vegetables, and lean protein will help us achieve the body we are comfortable with. Antioxidants, vitamins and minerals found in healthy foods can slow the aging process and

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