Essay on Nutrition and Diet Analysis

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University of Delaware Department of Behavioral Health and Nutrition NTDT 200 Nutrition Concepts Section 10 Fall 2013 Instructor: Diane Oliver, MPH, RD, LDN E-mail: (E-mail is the best way to reach me) Office Hours: by appointment Undergraduate Teaching Assistants: Jessica D’Angelo Email: Credits: 3 Credits Meeting Times: Tuesday and Thursday 2 pm to 3:15 p.m. Location: 319 Willard Hall Teaching Methods: Lecture and Discussion Textbook: Required: Whitney, E., and Rolph, S., Understanding Nutrition, th Belmont, CA, Cengage Publishing, 13 ed., 2012 Hardback or Looseleaf. ISBN: 9781285152776 Required: Diet Analysis Plus 10.0 Access Card, Cengage Publishing Required:…show more content…
Take complete notes. Notes are posted in Sakai under Resources. Print and bring to class for aid in note taking. Clicker attendance, questions and polls will be done during each class period. 2 4. Please do not use cell phone to text during class as it distracts other students. Course Communication 1. Check Sakai and University e-mail regularly for course communication. 2. Check Sakai and email in the event of weather conditions. Diet Analysis Assignments 1. 2. 3. 4. All assignments are due on the date due. Diet Analysis is due at the beginning of class on due date posted. Ten percent per day will be deducted for late work. Instructions for Computer Diet Analysis Project are posted on Sakai under Resources and then under Diet Analysis Project. See the undergraduate teaching assistant or instructor for help with projects. Disability Support Service 1. The University of Delaware is committed to diversity and welcomes students with disabilities. If you have a disability related need for a modification or reasonable accommodation in this course please contact the Office of Disability Support Services located at 325 Academy St, Suite 161, Perkins Student Center, email: or call 302-831-4643. Academic Integrity 1. See Code of Conduct at this site for University Policies: NTDT 200 Tentative Topic Schedule Date Tues. Aug. 27
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