Nutrition Assignment 4

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HUMAN NUTRITION II - FOOD MANAGEMENT – NUMBER 4 LESSON1 ASSIGNMENT 1. Cooking is the application of one of two types of heat. Name them and then classify all the methods of cooking (baking, blanching etc) listed in your course according to which type of heat they use. Cooking is the application of one of two types of heats which are using moist or dry methods of cooking. Baking: Baking is a commonly used cooking technique that applies dry heat to a food, along with an air flow. It avoids the problems of nutrient loss due to leeching, and is effective at breaking down starches. However, heat labile nutrients will be destroyed and the long cooking time will negatively affect nutrient value. Baked goods loose moisture and…show more content…
However, juices are lost as with baking and heat labile nutrients are of course destroyed in large amounts. Minerals remain intact with roasting. Sautéing: May also be referred to as shallow frying. Foods are cooked rapidly in a shallow pan coated with a layer of fat (butter, oil, ghee or a combination). The rapid cooking and high temperature seals in nutrients, but heat labile vitamins will still begin to degrade. Technically, to sauté foods, you must cook them until they jump about in the pan, and generally they foods are tossed in the pan as well. Stir-frying is a similar cooking method in Asian cuisine as opposed to European, and also cooks food very rapidly. Steaming: Steaming is an increasingly popular method of cooking because it requires no addition of fats or oils. Flavour is generally better retained as well as colour and leeching is not a concern. When steaming time is short, palatability can be improved without too much loss of B group vitamins and Vitamin C. Steaming for protein foods, such as fish, meat and poultry is a good way to limit nutrient loss caused by the excessive cooking time required for roasting and the very high temperatures of grilling, baking, roasting and other methods. 2. How does cooking improve the safety of foods? Discuss in 1 paragraph maximum. Cooking destroys disease causing microorganisms, enhances the availability and digestibility of some nutrients and can destroy, at least partially, toxins and
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