Nutrition, Exercise, And Recovery

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To have a healthy career, athletes need to maintain the following concepts: nutrition, exercise, and recovery. An athlete that is in the pros, college, or even high school, has to make time to do all of these things. Not only does it contribute to the success of the athlete, but also their health. Staying on a schedule also does this. Making a commitment to do this on a daily basis for an athlete is unbelievable. It takes a lot of dedication to do what athletes do to keep a high performance. Focusing on what is at stake at a young age is crucial when it comes to health and sports.
In nutrition there are several important factors when it comes to athletes and their sport. Each sport requires athletes to tackle nutrition in their own way. However, their trainers tend to have a plan on what they should eat and what not to eat because of weight management. When taking care of weight management, it is crucial to have a healthy diet. When I came to college after I graduated high school, the transition shocked me. Eating the wrong foods will really affect your performance, which is something that I learned the hard way. For example, all athletes need carbs for their sport. They store energy that will be later used during their event. Sports dietitian Dubost (2014) says “carbohydrate loading for three or four days before an event can help top off your glycogen storage.” The body changes glycogen into energy, which is the same energy that is stored for later. Carbohydrates include…
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