Nutrition, Exercise, And Recovery

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To have a healthy career, athletes need to maintain the following concepts: nutrition, exercise, and recovery. An athlete that is in the pros, college, or even high school, has to make time to do all of these things. Not only does it contribute to the success of the athlete, but also their health. Staying on a schedule also does this. Making a commitment to do this on a daily basis for an athlete is unbelievable. It takes a lot of dedication to do what athletes do to keep a high performance. Focusing on what is at stake at a young age is crucial when it comes to health and sports.
In nutrition there are several important factors when it comes to athletes and their sport. Each sport requires athletes to tackle nutrition in their own way. …show more content…

Different events require eating different types of carbs. For example, eating fruits and at least three colors of vegetables, prepares your body with enough energy for the day as well as for the following day.
The next source of nutrition that you need is protein. Protein is one of the most essential nutrients for the body. It builds and repairs both muscles and bones. For athletes and most people, it is important to eat high amounts of lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, beans, and nuts. You could also take supplements to gain weight. Although, when I arrived to college I was told that the only time you need to take supplements is when you do not receive enough protein in your diet. Also, athletes need to stay away from fatty foods, such as fast food restaurants. The foods there can slow an athlete down. Our nutrition trainer for my sport always tells me to stay away from greasy food and that we need to eat our natural nutrients. When I first arrived at college I weighed about 320 pounds. My nutrition trainer would go with me when I ate and would show me what to eat to lose weight. Three months later I weighed 290 pounds.
For an athlete, hydration is the main component to their diet. It is not only essential for losing weight, but also for keeping their body in shape on and off of the field. When I first started playing sports, hydration was the first thing that I learned. It would have been impossible to complete the long

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