Reflection About Nutrition

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Section a)

‘’Nutrition is the process of taking in nutrients from the foods you eat.’’ (Page 1,
Maintaining a healthy level of nutrition level is one of the most important factors to prevent being underweight. A vast majority of diseases and illnesses are primarily related to lack of nutrience in a diet.
I decided to choose Global Warming and how it affects peoples diet as my environmental disaster. As I’m studying Sports Science, being healthy is a key element of life. I arrived at this verdict by contemplating the key factors of Sports, which is health and physical activity. As global warming prevents multiple crops and clean water from growing, third world countries are …show more content…

Multiple different courses have multiple different ways to reference, so it’s also important to discover which is suitable to your subject area. As a sports scientist, we use the Harvard Referencing as it’s a simple, easy and recognizable way to reference. (***) It’s also vital to know where to look for secondary information, as sites like Wikipedia can be edited by anyone and therefore cannot always be said as a reliable source. For my research, I will be mainly using trusted Sports websites given to me by my tutor, Nelson, and our university library. There I can obtain journals, articles and books that have been published and are reliable.

Section c)

If I had more time and the resources in this assignment, as said previously, I would have created my own experiment where I show the ‘’healthiness’’ levels of a day to day person, consuming the recommended amount of nutrition and macronutrients compared to a person who lives in a third world country affected by global warming to show the importance of minerals in water, vitamins, etc. However, I could have also researched further into where these third world countries could get the nutrients from if they cannot get them from certain foods. Evaluating my plan, starting my work earlier to allow myself to make multiple drafts instead of just one or two which would have allowed my plan to be more precise. I would have also implemented

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