Nutrition Profile Essay

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## Introduction Nutrition isn't language everyone speaks right, in fact only half actually reads nutrient panel, 59% aren't sure about symbols and numbers on them. People are busy living, and they also wanted to live healthy, but they do not have option to process tons of nutrition information everyday. Our invention, Edible Management App(EMA), operates on smart phone, fridge, storage devices, intended to provide simple and understandable view about things goes into stomach, help lead a healthier life and not be the 1 out of 4.5 who get ill.

## How it works EMA utilizes devices' camera or RFID capability, by scanning dedicated food label on the package, Food profile will then be fetched from the universal food-data-center online. Each profile identifies product expiration date,
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1. Health and Safety Nutrition profile should be tailor-made for everyone. EMA will first ask for parameters such as race, age, long-term-disease, and conduct analytics. Rather than summing up your meal content, like "367.5mg Calcium", a "everyone-readable" statement "50% daily Calcium , good for bone development" is presented. Analysis and suggestion will also be provided according one's body status.

Medical department can look at history of consumption of your family to better perceives your issue and design rehab diet or conduct statistics. You will never have to vaguely tell doctor about last lunch that makes you sick?

EMA is a reactive system, ranging from item expiration or inadvisable food mixing to national issue like food bourne illness outbreak or food poisoning crysis. The EMA device will notify users promptly and suggest safety measure handling them.

2. Lifestyle and Convenience

And now that household food inventory is tracked, no more worry for missing the milk for your son, buying too few or too much. Foreign product without serving method, or food panel printed in your
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