Nutritional Effects Of Nutritional Quality Of Food

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Nutritional effects in Artemia

Respiration is a vital process for any organism to do physiological activities, like reproduction and metabolism, because it supplies required energy to the organism by convert glucose into energy. Once the respiration rate is altered, it can affect the metabolic processes of the organism directly. The nutritional quality of food can also affect the metabolism of the organism. Organism has specific target intakes for the specific function. Furthermore, on a low energy diet, animals will consume carbohydrates and fat first until the protein requirements are fulfilled. In this case, the low energy intake can decrease the metabolic rate and reproductive rate of organisms (Gosby et al. 2011).

The Artemia franciscana is a genus of aquatic crustaceans known as brine shrimp, which plays an important role in both ecological and physiology researching. It is used to be a model organism to study and exploit because its good adaption in the hostile environment (Irwin et al., 2007).The nutritional quality of food can significantly affect animals. Including influencing growth, metabolism and reproductive state of animals (Hulbert and Else 1999). Thus, the nutritional effect on Artemia is a significant expression of influencing of nutrition to animals. The reason for doing this experiment was to study the effect of energy availability on animals’ wellbeing.

The first aim of this experiment is to explore the effect nutrition on the metabolism

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