Nutritional Intake And Physical Activity

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As I assessed my nutritional intake and physical activity over a period of time, I found that the Health Promotion Model was quite useful, especially when trying to alter certain habits. I found that the Health Promotion Model acted as a crucial guide in helping me to become the best version of myself. Another aspect of the Health Promotion Model that I found to be important is that it is self-motivated. You are the one responsible for changing your own life, which I find to be extremely important. Using MyFitnessPal and SuperTracker I was able to identify important aspects of my health that need changing. For example, before logging my intake, I was unaware that I was not taking in enough calories. I have always known that I have not eaten enough vegetables, especially leafy greens, but I was not aware of how much I was actually lacking. On the day I logged onto SuperTracker, I consumed about a half a cup of vegetables, far lower than the targeted amount, which is two and a half cups (574.8 grams). Unfortunately, I am not the only who needs more greens. The average intake of vegetables per day in the United States is 255 grams, which is significantly lower than the physician recommended intake of 574.8 grams (Pem & Jeewon, 2015). It also became apparent that I was not consuming enough protein, only taking in about three and a half of the recommended five and a half ounces. While protein has many known benefits, such as promoting satiety and weight loss, it was also found

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