O Connell High School Analysis

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I’m a former student of O’Connell High School, going there for almost all my years in high school. Recently I had graduated and attended Stephen F. Austin State University. Coming from a college preparatory school, I felt that I would be antiquity ready for college. But I was severely wrong about this. Leaving the school and attending my first college classes, I barely knew how to write a proper essay. I had no clue what APA or MLA format even was when asked to use it. My knowledge of things like Algebra, History and Politics and Government were vastly below what those of my peers were. In my economics, we watched American Sniper. If baffles me how the school could let teachers show movies like this, just because they chose to that day. My…show more content…
My friend genuinely wrote an essay that had an opening and closing paragraph with actual content, and then 3 body paragraphs of nonsense including how his day was and what color he likes the most. He received an A on this, with the teacher not even noticing what he had wrote. This is different compared to the discipline administered by the teachers and staff. I may have learned proper classroom educate and manners, I lacked everything I would need for the future. Now I’m fine if you choose to continue these teaching methods and curriculum, but the high school should not continue to be called a college preparatory high school, with it barely preparing students for what is to come next. The requirements of the teachers need to a lot higher and monitored so classroom time isn’t wasted on things like movies and lessons on things that won’t even be used in the future. If you don’t improve these things, you will be sending countless students into the real world unprepared leaving them to adapt on their own, to give up and drop out, or fail out of higher
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