Obama's Foreign Policy on China Essay

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President Barack Obama and his administration’s foreign policy toward China can be summed up in one word: conciliatory. Conciliatory is not in the form of any weakness or appeasement, but rather the realization that in the 21st century global market, China is a main player on the world stage. Obama’s foreign policies are a departure from the previous administration. George Bush’s unilateral foreign policies were deemed domineering, even belligerent. From an international standpoint, Anti-American sentiments were at an all-time high during Iraqi War driven years. In America, the domestic stance after 9/11 saw this as an extension of patriotism and commitment. Nowadays, both domestically and internationally, many pundits would argue that …show more content…

This is a double-edge sword that does not have an easy solution so I understand both sides and that no country is living in a vacuum. There are a quite a bit of complexities and consequences to consider and I believe there will be a mutual success in this issue. Concerning Human Capital, the Obama Administration has also pressed hard to improve the human rights issues in China in terms of economic policies to benefit workers and their family situations. Historically, having the highest population at a staggering figure of over $1.3 billion people, the human labor supply is more than available at any given moment. Thus, United States especially has outsourced countless manufacturing companies and jobs to China. This reality the President clearly stated will not change anytime in the future so this must be an accepted reality. (Ivaneishvili 2012) So, the Obama administration has sharply criticized China for their lack of enforcement and laws to deal with such violations. But, this criticism as the State Department states applies to the United States as well, but the United States has laws to deal with this issues so the criticism is being put in a way not to outfight offend Chinese policies but to encourage an increase in the priority of the Chinese government to follow up actions to remedy the situation (Berg 2012). The State Department also applauded China for the actions that China already has taken to ensure better working

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