Obama's Influence On American Political Culture

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The 2004 election season was during a time of high patriotism supporting the War on Terror after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. President George W. Bush ran a reelection campaign on American pride, national security and security of the American family. This platform resonated with the American populace, especially married women, who historically support the democratic candidate. In 2000 Al Gore won women voters over President Bush by 11 points. However, in 2004, John Kerry only mustered a 3 point victory in female voters over President Bush. Of those, married women favored President Bush over John Kerry by 11 percent (Trei). The political culture in America leaned toward the Republic Party and conservative views largely because of the 911 attacks. America wanted revenge and President Bush showed the fortitude to go after the Taliban in Afghanistan and more in a more controversial decision, invaded Iraq on the premise of Saddam Hussein being a threat to the United States and that Iraq had been stockpiling weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The American populace believed George W. Bush …show more content…

Now President Obama was still popular and even though the unemployment rate was high, President Obama, through congress, continued to provide assistance to the jobless by extending unemployment benefits from the standard 26 weeks to as many as 99 weeks in some states (Lowery). The Republican Party appeared divisive when three different candidates won the first three primaries (Dr. Pfundstein). The liberals played the unemployment up as the fault of big business and Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate who is very wealthy, was unable to shed the elitist mantra the Obama campaign displayed him as. The culture, as in 2008, leaned to the left and President Obama was voted back in office by promoting all that the government could provide to low income and

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