Obesity : A Disease?

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Breein Sayed
Professor L. Huang
English 126
12 February 2017 Obesity, A Disease Per the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, more than 35 percent of American adults are obese, more than 34 percent is overweight, and 17 percent of the children from the United States are affected by obesity. Most people disregard the fact that Obesity is a known disease that affects our future and youth, but unlike most people I would rather save this human from their disease, by telling them they are unhealthy, than to let them live an unhealthy life. I did not hesitate letting a close family member know that his obesity is a disease that will just cripple his life more than it is right now. With the …show more content…

Dixon’s connection between the two terms shows how much of disease obesity is since it adds more illnesses to human’s life. In a case study, conducted by Marjorie Cypress, of a 52-year-old woman shows how hard obesity and depression has affected her life since she has been diagnosed with both. In the case study, it states “she was diagnosed with depression and prescribed an antidepressant that she chose not to take” (Cypress). This woman has been previously diagnosed with hypertension, hypertriglyceridemia, and arthritis, and for her to deal with her obesity on top of her depression will not help her case at all. Because of the lack of attention to her obesity, her depression had gotten worse and her list of medical problems grew. This depression can trigger or lead to a different disease, if it is not carefully examined or dealt with. From the article, “Depression and associated physical disease and symptoms”, written by Guy M. Goodwin, Goodwin describes the symptoms of clinical depression and the diseases that may come with it if a person is diagnosed with depression. Goodwin states “For example, in 222 patients interviewed between 5 and 15 days following the MI and followed up for 6 months, depression was a significant and independent predictor of mortality from cardiac causes (95% confidence interval [CI], 4.61 to 6.87)” (Goodwin). With depression, it is proven that most patients suffer from

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