Obesity Epidemic Of The United States

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Professor Nichols
Obesity In The United States
The United States has never seen such levels of obesity before, this epidemic is getting worse every year and the health complications associated with obesity can lead to the leading causes of death in America, heart disease and cancer. Obesity has been growing steadily since 1960, but in the late 80 's obesity levels started to rise like never before. Today six out of ten people are overweight, about 69% and more than one third of our population is obese, about 78.6 million adults (34.9%). This trend is not slowing down as the numbers keep rising. This has been a concern for many people and now we are looking towards government action to stabilize this epidemic. There are now fields of research for the cause and the solution for this problem, the question is when will begin to turn this trend around.
The obesity epidemic not only effects adults, children are becoming overweight and obese at younger ages. We are seeing trends of overweight families, this might be due to genetic predisposition or bad behaviors being passed down from parents. Along with becoming obese at a younger age, children are also suffering the complications of obesity at younger age. Over weight children are more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, and cancer. These conditions in children are on the rise as well. Over weight children have double the chances of of becoming overweight adults, because…
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