Obesity Is A Medical Condition

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Part 1 Obesity is a medical condition where there is the accumulation of excess fat in the body such that the individual’s health is affected negatively resulting in an increase in health problems and a reduced life expectancy. The measurement of obesity is with the use of the BMI where the individual’s weight is divided by their height square, and this should not be above 30kg/m2. In the United States, obesity remains the one of the leading cause of death as it is associated with heart disease (, 2015). There are more that 35% rates of obesity in the USA according to the data released in 2015 with West Virginia, Arkansas, and Mississippi being the most prevalent cities. There are rates above 30% in twenty-two states, rates above …show more content…

Lack of energy balance is one of the major causes of obesity where the energy taken in through consumption of food and drinks is more as compared to the energy used through physical activities (Bleich, Cutler, Murray & Adams, 2013). The foods and drinks are associated with increased energy are calories, processed foods high in sugar and fat, consumption of too much alcohol and sugary drinks, and comfort eating. Obesity is also associated with lack of physical inactivity as the extra calories stored in the body is not broken. Genetics and family history is the physiological factor where some of the genes in a family affect the way fat is stored and where the extra fat is stored. Obesity is also associated with health conditions like hormone problems including polycystic ovarian syndrome, Cushing’s syndrome, and hypothyroidism. There are medicines like antidepressants, corticosteroids, and anti-seizures that lead to increased weight. Social factors like poverty lead to people purchasing high-calories processed foods as they cost less. Lack of recreation areas reduce the chances of exercise (Bleich, Cutler, Murray & Adams, 2013). Among the adult population, there are consequences of obesity ranging from physical, social, and psychological effects. Physical consequences of obesity ranges are high BP, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, joint problems including arthritis, problems with the

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