Obesity Is A Serious Issue

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A lot of people think that obesity is something that 's not a serious issue and can be resolved in a matter of seconds. Well their wrong. Obesity is a life changing disease that kills thousands of people daily. Obesity is a chronic illness due to an abundance of fat in the body. Only a certain amount of fat in the body is required to store things like body heat and energy. Too much body fat however, can be tragic to our bodies. Obesity is not just in adults. It’s seen more and more in teens as well as adults and even the elderly. It’s something that started to grow over time. As time passed and the economy took a turn for the worst, obesity has increased and is something we as American’s should change. Obesity can be influenced by many things including ones eating habits, a person’s lifestyle, a person’s genes or even friends and family. Many things influence our eating behaviors such as stress, physical and mental emotions and the availability of food. If one of your parents are obese, there’s a 95 percent chance that you will be as well. Friends and family are an even worst group because if they tend to eat a lot of junk foods and skip meals, chances are you will too. Obesity is seen throughout the world today. However it’s seen more and more in Americans. Poverty plays a huge role in obesity because we’re always looking for the cheapest way out. Because most Americans are in need of more money we tend to buy and look for things that are cheaper and in our budget. As far
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