Object And Oriented Programing ( Oop ) Languages

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Content Object – Oriented Programing (OOP) Languages. • What is the Object – Oriented Programing (OOP)? We should be talking about the “what is an Object?” before to talk about the what is an Object – Oriented Programing. So what is the Object in the programing world: General meaning of Object is a something. Sometimes it can be touch. Sometimes it cannot be touch. So Object – Oriented Programing is the objects based programs. Also such kind of programs depend on the interaction of objects. Ex :- Think about the Library management system. There are so many objects. Books, Library members, Librarian are few of them. Anyway, Object has a main two parts. i. Features / Fields ( Features represent as variables ) ii. Behaviours ( Behaviours represent as Methods ) Ex :- Let us consider about a car object. Car object has so many features. Speed, gear, RPM of the tyres are few of features. Also Car object has so many behaviours. Changing the gears, brake, Change of the peddle cadence are few of behaviours. Code sample for Object:- class Car{ Car c = new Car ( ); // create the new Car object in the Car class. } Main features of Object - Oriented Programing (OOP). There are so many features of Object – Oriented Programing. Among all of them main features are , i. Object ii. Class iii. Inheritance iv. Abstract class v. Interface vi. Data hiding and Encapsulation vii. Data Abstraction viii. Polymorphism We already know now
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