Object Oriented View : Problem And Infrastructure Domains

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Answer 8: The focus of object-oriented view is on the elaboration of design classes that belong to both problem and infrastructure domains. Classes are elaborated by specifying messaging details, identifying interfaces, defining attribute data structures, and describing process flow for operations. In traditional view, three components are refined, they are control modules, domain modules, and infrastructure modules. To generate programming language source code detailed representations of data structures, interfaces and algorithms for each program are to be created. Answer 9: Access and shortcut keys: Short cut keys does not contain characters from the double bite character. Bitmaps and Icons: This functionality doesn’t use text. When …show more content…

• Refining the design by adapting each pattern to the specific of the software you’re trying to build. Answer 11: Three dimensions of software quality are Accessibility: The degree to which software can be used comfortably by a wide variety of people including those who require assistive technologies like screen magnifiers or voice recognition. Compatibility: The suitability of software for use in different environments like different operating systems, browsers, etc. Concurrency: The ability of software to service multiple requests to the same resources at the same time. Answer 12: Regression testing is considered as a critical part of any integration testing procedure, because if you want to verify whether the change made did not introduce any unexpected effect. Regression testing then verifies if that still works and implementation testing verifies if the new things work. In worst case, regression testing will require a full blown acceptance test, and it may take much longer to test than testing for the one or two lines of code that has changed. Modularization, good design, and good record keeping will minimize regression testing because you may be able to argue that particular things don't need to be retested in one area if something is changed in another area. If you have robust code controls in place, you can argue for minimization of regression testing. Most large shops will have an automated compilation sequence

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