Languages : Python And Java

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Programming languages are vast and diverse in their numbers. These different languages use fundamental styles of programming called programming paradigms. These programming paradigms layout the particular design approach that a program will use to solve a problem or achieve an objective. Of the many different types of programming paradigms, some of the more distinguished ones are procedural, functional, logical, and object orientated programming. Recently the object orientated languages have been rising in popularity due to their ability to easily implement large programs. There are many different object orientated programming languages (OOPLs), among them are C#, Java, Ruby, and Python. This essay will compare and contrast two of these languages: Python and Java.
OOPLs have been around since the 1960’s (Deitel, Java How to Program). They handle tasks by viewing them as a group of different objects. Objects are created from a class which could be considered the blueprint. Objects contain data stored in fields, and the procedures which manipulate the data are known as methods. These objects can interact with each other. There are some key elements of OOPLs, such as code reusability. In OOPLs, through what is known as inheritance, code can be reused. Think of a cup, it is an object. It contains a liquid and overflows when it’s full. If you wanted to program a coffee mug, wine glass, or sports bottle, you could reuse the code for a cup though inheritance, then add extra fields

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