Objectives Of Micro Teaching

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A teacher training technique which is known as micro teaching is practiced all over the world. This technique helps the teachers to improve their teaching skills. The history of microteaching goes back to the early and mid-1960's, when Dwight Allen and his colleagues (Bush, McDonald, Acheson and many more) from the Stanford University developed a training program aimed to improve verbal and nonverbal aspects of teacher's speech and general performance. According to D.W.Allan (1966), “Micro teaching is a scaled down teaching encounter in class size and class time”. Micro teaching enhances the presentation and reinforcement skills which further aid in real time teaching experience. During teaching in real classroom, it is not only a simple matter of transferring the knowledge from one to another. Actually it is a complex process that directly influences the process of learning. Quality of a teacher is estimated on how much the students understand from his/her teaching. Before entering in class, a teacher should know about teaching skills. Actual classroom cannot be used to acquire primary teaching skills. Students learning process will be affected if new teachers make the classroom an experimental place. The main objectives of micro teaching as stated by Otsupius (2014) are that it helps teacher trainees to learn and practice new teaching …show more content…

Teachers get a chance to teach a single concept of content by using specified teaching skills for a short time to a very small member of pupils. These specific conditions allow the trainees to practice the teaching skills in observable and controlled environment. They do the practice repeatedly to attain the mastery in teaching. The complexities of the real teaching practice are scaled down by providing immediate feedback. Trainees come to know about their strengths and weaknesses after watching the video of their micro teaching

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