Objectives Of The Operation Andreas

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German Nazis developed the Operation Bernhard during the Second World War, as a continuation of the so-called Operation Andreas. The goal of both operations was to flood the UK with counterfeit notes to provoke a shock effect in UK economy in both national and international scale. The experience of Germany in the inter-war period served as an example of the devastating effects of hyperinflation in an economy. The plan focused on the printing of counterfeit notes with the largest number in circulation, £5, £10, £20, and £50. It also contemplated the production of US dollars but in a lesser extent because of technical difficulties.
Operation Bernhard started in 1942 when Himmler revived the operation and assigned the mission to Bernhard Krüger, an SS Major. Krüger purpose was to improve Operation Andreas to make it more efficient. He moved the production centre to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, near Berlin, and employed Jewish prisoners to produce counterfeit British notes. Around 142 Jewish were part of the operation, being isolated from the rest of the camp to avoid the spread of any detail about the mission. This group of prisoners managed to reproduce almost perfectly the British pounds, producing between £132 million and £300 million. Among the different ways of distribution, Germany opted for
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The German Nazis in charge of the operation proposed different options for the distribution. The first one, also mentioned in the prior operation (Op. Andreas) was to drop the money from aircrafts directly over UK soil. The idea was that most of the people would remain the money from themselves instead of giving it back to the Bank of England. However, German aircraft force was not big enough to cover the necessities of the operation besides the war. As well, Germany had not control over British airspace, so it supposed a high-risk
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