Observation Of A Courtroom

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Courtroom Workgroup

The courtroom workgroup consists of a Judge, Prosecutor, Defense attorney, Bailiff, Clerks, Court reporters and the public. There can be three types of clerks present at court the law clerk, clerk of court, and the docket clerk. During my court observation I observed the judge, prosecutor, and the defense attorney. The Prosecutor and Judge were observed more during my court observation. The Defense attorney wasn’t observed as much because the defendants waived the right to an attorney on some cases.
The judge, prosecutors, and defense attorneys all have detailed qualifications. The most noted qualification is the actors must have completed law school. They must be educated in Legal ethnics to even take the bar to get out of law school. After completing law school, the actors can become attorneys or prosecutors. To become a state judge, one must be appointed to that position by the merit system. And to become a federal judge an individual must be nominated. Also, an actor who is a practicing attorney whether it be defense or persecution to move up in rank the individual must be promoted. But to be a chief prosecutor one must have to be elected locally. All federal attorneys roles are given by appointment.

Roles & Duties Prosecutors have the duty of prosecuting criminal cases. A prosecutor holds the most critical role in the criminal courts system because of its central position. Prosecutor role bridges all other roles. The reason why is because the

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