Observation Of A Parent-Child Dyad

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There was a cool breeze blowing on this lovely Sunday morning at the Greensboro Arboretum. I was out on my morning run; the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. When I got to the park I decided to walk around, take in nature and people watch. There were a lot of people, including parent-child dyads, who have gather to play and relax, after what seems like a walk around the park. The strollers were off to the side while the mothers and their children now are sitting down in a grassy field. Meanwhile, I found a bench to sit on to rest and after observing for a few minutes, I was able to focus in on two parent-child dyads that stood out to me. A mother with her daughter and a different mother with her son. As I watched, both children were misbehaving in opposite ways, I was able to compare the difference of how each mother chose to discipline their child and how other factors such as gender and the environment influenced that discipline.

The first parent-child dyad I noticed was a mother and her daughter. The mom seemed to be young, late twenties and the daughter I believe looked about three years old. The little girl had an alarming combination of high energy and what looked like to be a sugar rush as she had a lollipop in hand. She was expressing that by running around like a crazy girl. At first, she was just actively playing near the mother, but the playing distance grew larger and larger and you could see from the mother’s body language that she was getting more

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