Observation Of Observing A Teacher

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I had the privilege of observing a teacher at my church pre-k classroom on Wednesday the 6th of December 2017. Ms. Janet is a teacher at Shiloh Elementary and she always have her lesson for her classroom ready and presented in a well manner. I introduced myself to her and her classroom and was greeted and given a sit by the corner of the classroom. She gets her students up for physical warm up, they all went to stand on their assigned spot for their daily routine.
Ms. Janet play “Ants in my Pants CD” for her students, it was an action Cd, whereby they will follow as the musical song in going on. She has a whistle blower in her mouth, she blows it whenever she wants the student to start or stop what they are doing. The warm lasted for 30 minutes and they all went to their table to sit.
Ms. Janet distributed a plain sheet of paper for all the student and put a bowl of pencils and crayons on each table. Has she walked round each table, I had the awareness of the students changing their sit and peering up with their group. The students respond to her very well and they get along with her. Listen to her during activity time and work together with their group without any disturbance. Before the activity begins, she showed the students what she is expecting from them at the end of the activity. She was very calm and use different methods of teaching her students.
I noticed, she was moving around each table to ask them if they need any help for her, and ask one or two questions on

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