Observation Of The Opera

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The Austin Opera did an outstanding performance of Bizet’s “Carmen”, on Thursday night, played at The Long Center of the Performing Arts. Carmen is an Opera by French composer Georges Bizet, who died suddenly months after Carmen’s debut in Paris 1875. Bizet was a composer during the romantic era, although he has other works Carmen is his most successful work and is frequently performed in the world of operas.
I don’t remember the last time I attended an opera but it was probably 10 years ago for a field trip in elementary school. Attending the opera is something I see don’t myself doing but I’m glad I had an opportunity to go.
The opera was conducted by Richard Buckley who has worked with many operas all around the Unites States and overseas. I’ve been to a couple of middle school and high school concerts where there was a conductor and I’ve enjoyed watching the conductors move their hands in the air, it was my favorite part. During the opera, I would get distracted by Buckley’s movements, you could to tell he was so concentrated in the music. I’m no music experts but from my point of view the orchestra sounded wonderful and if there were any mistakes I wasn’t able to hear them. The whole cast had phenomenal voices but Carmen (Sandra Piques Eddy), Escamillo (Norman Garrett) and Micaëla (Heather Phillips) had to be my top favorites of the night. Can you believe that there are people in the world who can sing so beautiful in a different language and sing so loud that

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