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Who was Observed We observed my (Kathy’) 5-year-old great nephew, Joaquin. The developmental level Joaquin is at is early childhood. We observed Joaquin in his home in the living room of his home. His mother, younger brother, and younger sister were all there. They interacted with Joaquin during the observation. There were times that the children interacted with Caitlin and me, but for the most part we just observed them interact with each other. Observation Summary I brought a couple activities for Joaquin and his siblings to do while we observed him. I brought a pumpkin, hammer, and golf tees for them to pound them into the pumpkin. I also brought large, colored popsicle sticks with velcro on them for Joaquin to build and for color…show more content…
We also observed his attitudes and emotions. When Caitlin arrived, he did not speak to her right away. It took a few minutes for him to talk to her. He had a smile on his face when I brought in the pumpkin. Joaquin said, “I’m tired.” He jumped off the table and yelled “I want to play with them,” popsicle sticks, when I got them out. His eyes widened and he had a smile on his face when he showed us the boomerang he made from the popsicle sticks. He said he was sorry to his brother for breaking the thing he was working on. We also observed his cognition. When he was pounding in some of the golf tees into the pumpkin he said, “they are buttons,” and showed us how they worked by pushing them with his finger and making noises. Joaquin was asked what color each of the golf tees were. He knew all three colors; orange, green, and white. He said the shape of the golf tees that had been pounded in were a circle. He knew three shapes; circle, triangle, and square. When asked what color the popsicle sticks were, he knew the colors. The colors were the primary colors. He knew a pat on the back was a good thing and being hit was a bad thing. He demonstrated pretend play by making a dinosaur, boomerang, and spinner and playing with them. Interview Summary We interviewed Joaquin’s mother, Becca. We asked multiple questions

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