Observational Learning Experience

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If I were to have a five year old nephew and I were to have to teach him something I would mostly likely use a combination of reinforcers and observational learning. Both positive and negative punishment would be implemented in the teaching process, as well as the observational part so that they all compliment each other. Most likely I would begin to teach him to play baseball and basketball since most, including myself, start around that age. Although, I would not be as hard on him as my brothers were on me when it came to sports.

I would begin to teach him baseball since it is my favorite. Before any actual practice begins I would explain the simple form of the concept of the game. The object of the game, some terminology, etc. For …show more content…

Again I was always taught in more of a punishment type approach and again it worked for me, but I believe it depends on the kid that is being taught and how they handle it. The same goes for basketball as it did baseball, I would teach him the concept and objective of the game. When a kid this age is being taught it is all really observational, because they look to you for guidance and on how to do everything properly. They literally try to copy everything you do. When it comes to basketball once he has the concept down and I have taught him how to do everything correctly, I would take more of punishment route. For example, if he keeps missing lay ups, I would make him make fifty before he could move on to anything else. If he has trouble dribbling, then I would make him do dribbling drills until he has started to improve. The same goes for baseball too. Punishment in a form that improves his game by making him to the same thing over and over again until he gets better. My punishment in both sports was that I would always have to run if I messed up repeatedly. That only makes you want to do better, which makes you better in the long run, but making him repeat what he needs to improve has more of a direct correlation in helping his weak aspects of the

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