Obtaining A Doctoral Degree For Business Administration

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Obtaining a doctoral degree in business administration has been a life-long goal. I have worked towards this now for the past few years as part of my larger goal, to embark on a second career as a teacher, not only in an academic setting but also in other areas of my life, especially in the workplace as a mentor, and in helping to guide and teach others. I believe a doctoral degree in business will not only help me in cognitive reasoning and thinking, but will also enable me gain better focus in the area of management. This focus can help me work more effectively with others within my organization to manage our processes better. By increasing my knowledge with a Doctorate in Business Administration, I believe I can help mold future minds and bring added value to the management within my organization.

While most of my academic credentials were outside of the United States, they were evaluated to the equivalent grades here. I have taken continuing education classes at Georgia Institute of Technology that have enabled me thrive in my current profession while using the skills that I have learned. My professional experience over the past 18 years has helped me clarify what my goals are, and work towards developing and achieving those goals. I would like to further my career development and ultimately work as a faculty member in an educational institution, and use the knowledge acquired to help my organization function optimally. The organizational communication classes I

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